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Pierre Boulanger

Pierre Boulanger (born August 8, 1987) is a French actor resides in Paris. He is known for 2003's film Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran, where he played a young Jewish boy, Moises "Momo" Schmidt.

The young actor was then reported to be concentrating on his studies, thus he was not able to do movies right after Monsieur Ibrahim. After 2 years, he did some TV appearances and minor roles in movies.

He is a straight A student. Favorite subjects are History and Mathematics, fluent in Spanish and English, loves boxing and swimming in his spare time. Pierre Boulanger turned down many film offers after Mr Ibrahim to concentrate on school.

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  1. hi pierre you are so cute in monte, carlo and my name is irish i am mexican,black,indian,french,hawain you are a straight A student im a, A&B student i love your accient you sound really cute and you seem like you are a really good kisser to pierre boulanger and i am a girl im a singer i can sing just like mariah carey maybe one day i can sing to you and kiss your smooth lips hahahahha!! lol!!! you are really sweet i like selena gomez don't you think shes pretty!! haha i'm goffy like that lol.... hahahaha!!!

  2. you are a good actor in monte, carlo i hope you play in some more movies to and i love to swim and box to maybe you can do those things to me lol..... babe if you think it's weiard that i call you babe well it shouldn't be because i call everyone my babe ok.

  3. Ong Pierre your so amazing and so sexy. And just to let you know I think you did wonderful in monte Carlo. Your such a great actor and I would love to meet you