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James Wolk

James Wolk or James Joseph Wolk (born March 22, 1985),  is an American actor, known for his roles in the 2010 series Lone Star and the film You Again.

In 2008, Wolk landed his first television role in Hallmark Hall of Fame's Front of the Class, as Brad Cohen. He subsequently played the title character in the 2009 ABC pilot Solving Charlie. In 2010, Wolk was cast as the lead in the Fox television series Lone Star.

Wolk is on the Board of Directors of the Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation He also volunteers at "Camp Twitch and Shout", which is a camp for children (ages 7-17) with Tourette syndrome in Georgia. Wolk will play a presidential speechwriter named Andrew Pierce in the 2011 ABC television pilot Georgetown.

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