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Justin Berfield

Justin Berfield or Justin Tyler Berfield (born February 25, 1986) is an American actor, writer and producer, best known for his portrayal as Malcolm's 2nd-oldest brother, Reese, in Malcolm in the Middle. He also starred on The WB sitcom Unhappily Ever After as Ross Malloy.

Berfield's first screen appearance was in a Folgers coffee commercial at age five. He went on to appear in 20 other nationally-broadcast American commercials as a young child. His TV debut came in the short-lived series The Good Life (1994) in which he co-starred with Drew Carey.

The following year, at age nine, Berfield was among some 3000 juvenile actors who were tested for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace to play the young Anakin Skywalker, the role that ultimately went to Jake Lloyd. More TV appearances followed in Hardball, The Boys Are Back (TV series), The Mommies (TV series) (1994–1995).

His first long-running TV role was as Ross Malloy in Unhappily Ever After (1995–1999), in which he notched up 100 episode appearances. Beginning in 2000 he gained international prominence with his role as Malcolm's trouble-making older brother Reese in Malcolm in the Middle.

Since the conclusion of Malcolm in the Middle in 2006, Justin Berfield has concentrated on production work, although he made a one-off appearance in the series Sons of Tucson in 2010.


  1. This is a brilliant and focused young man. Good luck to him in everything he does.

  2. omg he is so hot, i love malcom in the middle he was the best part. he comes up with the dumest ideas but its so funny. he is so cute and amazing

  3. i love him soooo much..... the best epesode was if boys were girls, loved it!!! i love you justin!

  4. I totally want to meet him and get his autograph........ I wish he was my age, I would totally want to date him!!!! I am watching one of his shows now!!!! you are awesomer then Justin bieber!!! I love you