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Oliver James

Oliver James or Oliver James Hudson (born June 1, 1980) is an English musician, singer, songwriter and actor. He is best known for his roles in the American films What a Girl Wants and Raise Your Voice.

Oliver's first screen appearance was a supporting role in the 2002 Made-for-Television short film as Dean. He appeared in the BBC television series The Afternoon Play in the episode Girls' Weekend. Shortly after appearing in The Afternoon Play Oliver joined a boy band produced by Simon Fuller. He quit the band as soon as he was cast in What A Girl Wants. For What A Girl Wants he learned to play the guitar and sang the songs Long Time Coming and Greatest Story Ever Told which both appeared on the films soundtrack. He played the acoustic guitar in Raise Your Voice.

In 2002, he was cast as the role of Ian Wallace in the teen romantic comedy What a Girl Wants. The film starred Amanda Bynes, Kelly Preston and Colin Firth and was directed by Dennie Gordon. The film was released on 4 April 2003 and had moderate box office success.

In 2004, Oliver James was cast to portray the role of Jay Corgan in New Line Cinema's musical drama film Raise Your Voice. In 2006, Oliver signed on for the BBC drama television series The Innocence Project portraying the role of Nick Benitz.

In 2009, he portrayed the role of Ben in Paramount Home Entertainment's Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling. The film is a sequel to the 2004 film Without a Paddle.

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