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Sam Page

Sam Page or Samuel Page (born November 5, 1976) is an American actor. He is credited under the name Sam Page. Page appeared on the television shows Men, Women & Dogs, Undressed, 7th Heaven, Popular, Hang Time, and Border Town. In New York City, he was cast in 2002 as Trey Kenyon on the daytime drama All My Children.

Sam Page had a recurring role in American Dreams and guest starred in other series, such as CSI: Miami and Wicked Science. In 2005 he was cast as Jesse Parker on Fox's supernatural drama Point Pleasant. In 2006, he had a starring role on the CBS drama series Shark. He play in Mad Men and in 2010 appears in a multi-episode arc on ABC's Desperate Housewives as Sam.

In 2008, Page appeared in's video Yes We Can in support of Barack Obama's presidential bid, along with numerous other celebrities.

In 2010, Sam Page played a young College professor and also Serena's new love interest in Gossip Girl as Colin Forrester. Page appeared on the cover of the February 2011 issue of J. Crew's clothing catalogue and magazine.

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