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Gilles Marini

Gilles Marini (born January 26, 1976) is a French actor and model, best known for his role as Dante (neighbor of Samantha) Samantha's sexy, scene-stealing neighbor in the 2008 movie, "Sex and the City."

He's born in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, France. Gilles relocated to the United States about a decade ago from France to pursue modeling and acting.

Gilles Marini began his career as a model in his early 20s. One of his first jobs was a TV commercial for Bud Light. He made his acting debut at the age of 29, in the 2005 horror flick "Screech of the Decapitated." In the following years, he starred in several minor roles playing an Italian bicycle rider in "Passions," an Italian designer in "Dirty Sexy Money" and French waiter in "The Bold and the Beautiful."

In 2008, Gilles Marini landed his breakthrough film role when he nabbed the sexy role of Dante, appearing naked, completely naked, in the hit movie "Sex and the City" after just one callback audition.

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