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Travis Milne

Travis Milne (born Juli 19, 1986) is a Canadian actor. Milne was a star athlete in high school. His drama teacher convinced him to pursue a career in acting. Milne quickly fell in love with acting and found an agent in Calgary.

After starring in a few short films Milne was cast in 2007 as a co-host of My Green House, a television series on the environmentally friendly lifestyle.

He has also appeared in the television series Bionic Woman, the television movies Confessions of a Go-Go Girl and Holiday in Handcuffs, and in the film Leslie, My Name is Evil, which premiered at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

On 20 July 2009 it was announced that Travis Milne had been cast as a principal cast member in the Canadian police drama series Rookie Blue, which currently airs on Global and in the United States on ABC.

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