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James Sorensen

James Sorensen (born July 18, 1986) is a Australian professional model and actor. He is of Danish, British and Portuguese descent. He has a twin sister and a brother who is 6 years younger.

During his final year at high school, Sorensen was cast in his first major role, Hating Alison Ashley. He has also appeared in various children's programmes and in 2005 played the lead role of Mike in the children's drama series Blue Water High. He has also had guest roles in Wicked Science and Satisfaction.

In 2007 James Sorensen had started in the cast in the Australian soap Neighbours as Declan Napier. but on January 30, 2010 it was confirmed that Sorensen was departing Neighbours to join the army. It was later revealed that Sorensen quit Neighbours to join the army, but he revealed in an interview that he will return to acting in a few years' time.

Later in 2010, James Sorensen left the army due to injury, and is now pursuing a career in photography. Hall has told Holy Soap that he still had contact with him and he announced his leaving of the military in the same interview.

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