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Riley Smith

Riley Smith (born April 12, 1978) is an American film and television actor and singer for the band The Life of Riley.

Riley Smith has appeared in the film Eight Legged Freaks, Not Another Teen Movie, Radio, New York Minute and the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury nominee Weapons. For the film New York Minute, he and co-star Jared Padelecki were hand picked for their roles by stars Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen. After his role as Jim, the love interest for Ashley's character of Jane, he admitted that he could not tell the sisters apart.

Riley Smith had recurring roles in the Emmy-nominated CBS series Joan of Arcadia, the highly acclaimed Emmy Fox show 24 season 3 as Kyle Singer, the short-lived WB series Summerland and the acclaimed Judd Apatow creation for NBC Freaks and Geeks. He was also a main cast member in the short lived Fox show Drive. Riley also played Dean Talon in the Disney Channel movie Motocrossed. He played a love interest and mentor to Andy Carson on the race track.

Riley Smith played Russ, the love interest of Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character in the dancing film Make it Happen. In 2008 Smith joined in collaboration with The Academy of Cinema and Television to create an online educational series for children and teens interested in the entertainment industry, and in 2009 he appeared in one episode of Ghost Whisperer, a paranormal TV series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

In 2006, Riley Smith and Henri O'Connor formed the band "The Life of Riley", of which he is guitarist and lead singer. As of August 2010, the Los Angeles based group has released 3 CDs: The Life of Riley (2007), Long Way Home EP (2009) and Live In Hollywood At The Hotel Cafe (2010). They have also performed at such music festivals as the New Bohemia Music Festival.

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