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Javier Calvo

Javier Calvo or Javier Calvo Guirao (born January 21, 1991) is a Spanish actor. He is the best known for his role of Fernando "Fer" Redondo in the Antena 3 series Física o Química. 

Javier Calvo began acting in theatre aged 11, eventually appearing in 2007 in film Doctor Infierno. Since 2008 he has starred in the Antena 3 television series Física o Química, portraying homosexual Fernando "Fer" Redondo. Focusing on teenage problems such as drugs, addictions, anorexia and sexual orientation, the series has attracted a lot of polemics. 

Javier Calvo considers the themes of the series "problems that are also present in reality". He, however, received a critical acclaim for portraying a gay male in his debut role. Calvo is fluent in Spanish and English.