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Torrance Coombs

Torrance Coombs (born June 14, 1983) is a Canadian film, theatre and television actor.

Torrance Coombs starting first in theatre roles, Coombs has progressed to acting in film and television roles as well. Coombs has appeared in productions at Bard on the Beach, an annual professional Shakespeare festival held in Vancouver; he has also appeared in the musical play A Little Night Music.

Torrance Coombs first recurring television role was as John Doe in jPod (2008), a CBC television series based on the book of the same name by Douglas Coupland; Coombs also appeared as Lance Corporal C. Sellers in a 2008 episode of the television series Battlestar Galactica. In 2010, he appeared in a recurring role as Thomas Culpeper in the television series The Tudors, and CBC's Heartland as Chace Powers.

In 2009, Torrance Coombs starred as Sam Matheson in a short film, The Familiar, and also completed another short film, Good Image Media, appearing as Pj. At early 2010, neither films had been released. In 2012, he will star in a psychological thriller film called Liars All and Untitled Thriller, he also will play in Drawing Home release scedule in 2013.

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