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Damian McGinty

Damian McGinty or Damian Joseph McGinty, Jr. (born September 9, 1992) is an Irish actor and singer.

He has been performing for over a decade, winning his first singing competition when he was just five years old. In 2006, McGinty won another competition and the following year he made a CD which was recorded for charity. It was then passed along to Celtic Thunder Producer Sharon Browne and Music Director Phil Coulter, who invited McGinty to sing for their first show.

Damian McGinty was later accepted into the group at the age of fourteen and has been performing, as well as touring the USA and Canada with Celtic Thunder. In 2011, it was stated that McGinty was leaving Celtic Thunder, as a result of winning the Oxygen reality show The Glee Project, which gave him a seven episode arc on the Fox television show Glee. McGinty was selected as one of the top twelve finalists out of 40,000 contenders in a MySpace audition search, who competed for a role on The Glee Project.

Damian McGinty won a seven-episode arc on the third season of Glee. On his final performance on The Glee Project, McGinty sang "Beyond the Sea", which he chose to show Glee producer Ryan Murphy that he could handle a lead role. Comments from Glee producer Ryan Murphy have fuelled speculation that McGinty's character may become a leading role similar to Cory Monteith's character, Finn Hudson.

Damian McGinty made his first appearance on Glee in the fourth episode of the season entitled "Pot o' Gold" playing Rory Flanagan, a foreign exchange student who is staying with Brittany S. Pierce's family.

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